Monday, December 31, 2012


Whenever I see anything tulle, I go all starry eyed and transform into an urban princess who'd love nothign better than to wear frothy dresses and sprakly tiaras all day, every day. Seeing as such a style would not only be inconvienient (I see myself trying to get on the buss, pressing a mountain of layered, whispering fabric through the glassdoors), but also a bit too girly in the end, there are certainly ways to do the tulle skirt in chic ways.I don't mean those ridiculous miniskirts the tweens wear, I mean real tulleskirts!

Mias Guide to Looking Chic in Tulle

We'll start out with my favorite look! I LOVE this Sartorialist streetstyle shot! A tone on tone sweater, a pair of timeless shades and a bohemian braided up-do - who know that this paired with a tulleskirt could look so ladylike cool and sophisticated?!


Dressing the tulle skirt down is quite easy, but making it a bit more edgy is slightly challenging. The key is to pair it a bitdisrespectfully with garments that are the dreamy tulleskirts opposite, and to our aid though, we bring out the denimshirt and to loose fit t-shirt! Tuck it in at the waist or leave out but nip with a belt, and you're immediatly a bit more urban and modern. Pulling the skirt down to hip level and knotting the t-shirt on one side, will also be a neat trick. Match with heels and pearls to stay feminine, or bring out the bikerjacket and some leather boots for more rock and roll.


 Taking the meringue dreamskirt to the office? The dress shirt is your friend! Tuck in at the wait and snip it with a clean looking belt, or pull a cahsmere knit over the shirt and don a statement necklace for a chic yet properly prim attire. And don't forget the blazer, she loves hanging out with your shirts! Do take care to pick a delicate one though, a heavy blazer might make you too stocky, so mind to keep it nipped at the waist.


Love your skirt so much you want to wear it getting a coffe with your girlfriends or going shopping downtown? Go cute and relaxed and mix it up with an oversized sweater in a bold color or a tone on tone nuance, matched with a pair of flats, loose hairdo and a big tote for a sweet and casual look.




Going to a daytime party gives you every chance to take old fluffy out of the closet. A cute sweater of good quality and apair of colored heels will add up to one gorgeous look when matched with the right accessories. If you feel a bit more rock than posh, put on a sweet tank and ring out the that worn leather jacket to give it some edge!


 Winter means less tulle time, right? Wrong! Go for a darker color though, and match it up with a blouse and brightly hued tights - it will liven up the dark and dreary hours of winter in no time!

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