When I was 3 years and 3 months old, my babysister was born here in southern Sweden. I have no recollection of it of course, but there's a photo of me with her in my arms at the hospital. I have this look of mirth on my face, looking up at someone out of frame under my blonde bangs, with a big openmouthed grin. My sister is newborn with a dark tousle of hair on her tiny head and her face is that red hue that comes from a baby screaming her ass off.
Of course that smile of mine hasn't always been present as the two of us grew up, and my parents appearantly found that two duaghters was quite enough for them. I wish I could say I was the most mischieveous one as it lends a certain air of mystery and attitude to my character, but as the older sibling I was also the repsonsible one, whilst my sister was the one who would steal a live lamb and carry it all the way home to our house and hide in in her room. Though I have not stolen any sheep in my life, I have had my fair share of experience.
 I turn 30 in little more than a years time and while some would argue that 30 is no age at all, I am growing more and more fascinated with myself because of that single fact. It sounds more selfserving than it is  - what I mean is this; who am I right now, and how did I become this?

Right now I'm a Swedish woman closing on 30, married to a philosophical and strange man. I earn my living as Visiual Merchandiser in a clothings store, and I live in a white apartment with my afore mentioned husband, our two cats and a whole bunch of dustbunnies

So I'm blogging. I'm writing in English because I love the language, it's friggin elegant with English. Like a sir, you know.

Bullets of me:
  • I love fashion and work in the retail industry - and I never in a million years thought I'd end up doing what I do.
  • Horses are my lifelong passion. I can remember trying to draw horses even as a toddler.
  • I found love in a hopeless place - it was never easy to build the foundaiton my marriage rests upon today. My husband is one of kind, but in the end, he was worth it.
  • I love to think and analyze, I adore listening to peoples lifestories and pick them apart.
  • Designing my home is a dear task to me, and most aspects of design makes me tick.
These things all merge into my blog. Say hello.

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