Tuesday, July 31, 2012


...anything out of the ordinary, I'd be special right? Often times I'll sort of step aside and let my cautius humility and my brazen ego battle it out. Am I special? Of course, the proud and self absorbed version of myself will state ! Oh hush, you're just one shard in the great caleidoscope of the universe, don't make a fuzz, the shy and modest part of me mumbles.

I mostly decide on me beeing rather unique, and don't feel to bad about it, as I also think everyone has something that sets them apart and makes them into what they are; that myriad of experiences, choices, consequences and talents that creates a whole creature that lives and breathes time. Isn't that something.

This blog is starting as a whim, which so often is the case wih me and my projects. I did a rather encompassing personality test some years ago when I just started my job, you know, the ones where you answer what seems like a million questions swiftly, and you end up with a four letter combination that is supposed to be you, in general terms. It was actually spot on for the most part . I'm right in the middle of beeing extrovert and introvert, I'm creative with lot's of ideas, but I'm horrible at follow-through and I bore easily. I've started countless blogs with lot's of enthusiasm, but they pretty much always fizzle out in the end. The most succesful one to date, and by that I mean how long I tended to it, was one where I gave myself the freedom to not put any kind fo preassure on myself. I'm trying that again, here, in English this time around. Let's see how it goes.

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