Thursday, July 11, 2013


We're in the midst of summer, and I myself am in the middle of my vacation. Four glorious weeks free from work. Living in Sweden's damn awesome sometimes, 25 days payed vacation a year is a pretty sweet deal.
Summer here is so brief though; the season is short enough as it is, but the weather is as impredictable as a drunken unicorn! It'll be bright and sunny one day, just to be cloudy and almost galeforce winds the next.
I'm an incredibly restless person though, and summer has already started to loose its shine to me, and I'm really looking forward to autumn. Summer is a lazy season, I'm always more active during the rest of the year.
 I had a brief disscussion with a customer in the store before I went on vacation. The pre-fall collection had started to arrive, and all the staff were excited about it. The customer remarked that she felt it was too soon, she couldn't quite enjoy her summer because she felt stressed by the stores always "rushing" the seasonal change. I suppose, from her point of view it might feel that way, but for those who work in fashion retail, its a wonderful change of scenery, after having stared atthe same damn collections for months.
Right now, even though I'm really enjoying the sun and the warmth, I am also looking forward to the best part of autumn; the fashion! Here are some goodies from my Pinterest Board "Chilly Fashion":

 sources include Sincerely Jules, Ulrikke Lund, Pinterest (unable to find original source)

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