Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I would love to have this week off, but shops don't keep closed in the holidays, so off to work I go, even if it's only Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I have to endure.
While not working, I'm amusing myself with the app UnFuck Your Habitat (from blog the blog UnFuck You Habitat), which I have great hopes for. I'm a total mess when it comes to keeping it tidy and think my life would be complete if I could just hire a maid.
If I had a maid to clean up my messes, my home would no doubt look like this at all times...! Truly!

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I'm thinking I should get this quote printed and framed, and put in in our entrance hallway, only I'd be a terrible liar. I love order and perfection, I'm just too much of a bon vivant to put time and effort into cleaning, when I could be relaxing, reading, watching a good film och getting a footrub.
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