Sunday, January 6, 2013


Ugh, fell asleep on the couch last night, and my back really hurts today. Could probably use a little more sleep too, so maybe I'll just take a nap on the back-hating sofa after I got this post about trashed jeans up.
I love wearing trashed jeans, all my favorite pairs are or were worn with holes in'em. Jeans in general are of course extremely versitile and you can mix it up with pretty much any style. When they are worn and trashed though, they get som edge, a slight taste of rock'n'roll that gives any outfit you choose to put together a bit of attitude. Just like with regular jeans you can mix it with sheer blouses and frills, with studded leather or fringes, a prepy shirt or a casual tee, heels or a pair of old converse or some biker boots. All is fair in Love and Jeans. When they are trashed though, well, see for yourself!

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