Thursday, December 27, 2012


My husband wasn't always the perfect giftgiver, it's been hit and miss for both birthdays and  anniversaries, as well as and christmases for years. Sometimes he just nails it, other times... Well, let's just say he's learned a few things! 
This christmas I got a pair of Shepard sheepskin slippers for my cold feet. Good thing too, as I've been nagging him about getting a pair for months. In fact, I'm wearing them right now.

  But he also got me this delicious Odd Molly cardigan that I just love! It's not a color I'd be drawn to myself if i were out shopping, which actually makes me like it even more, as the colors do suit my blonde and blue eyed complexion.

Other christmas presents included an insane amount of different cosmetics from my sweet baby sister, the obligatory box chocolate from the in laws and gift certificate for more cosmetics (beginning to see a theme here?), a box of delicious home made  saffron donuts from my brother in law and his girlfriend, etc, etc. The husband and I together got some cash and IKEA gift certificate, infact, we got enough to finally be able to by a new sofa! Can't wait to order it!

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