Sunday, August 26, 2012


A few days ago I asked my husband; "Is it autumn now?" He sort of glanced out with a frown and denied profusely. He loves summer and doesn't want it to end. But when I looked out through the window and saw the pretty little tree that is centered so perfectly in view, there was no denying it. Late summer, early fall, call it what you will, the gilded leaves don't lie. The green is mingling with burnished tones of yellow and brown, and the delicate foliage is sadly dropping form the branches at every whisp of wind that rustles through.
Today has been grey since I got out of bed, and it's raining. Real rain. Big fat drops that almost rage down from the sky in bursts. Then it eases into a gentle patter, only to start lashing down again. And it thunders. It's been thundering for hours. I love it. I've burrowed myself down deep into our couch with my laptop on my chest, watching Fringe episodes, still feeing sad after the horrible summer I've had. I don't like feeling sorry for myself, but it's not that, it's just... Grief and wearyness. Loosing myself in the mysterious tales of Fringe let's me rest from the memories of it all.
Trying to get a handle on it all. I've put animals down before, but this, this is different. She was more than a pet, she was... She was amazing. Little else can describe her, and our story together.
Now autumn is coming, and it's without her. My first autumn without her for more than 14 years.

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