Sunday, August 19, 2012


I'm halfway through my vacation, and I'm in a sort of apathetic state. Can't muster up the energy to do anything but laying on the couch with my laptop on my stomach, rewatching episodes of Burn Notice and blogbrowsing. Of course you need to wind down, let go of all the "musts" and "have toos", but I feel it's time to get a grip on things.I'm sure no one blames me, things got off to such a horrible start after all. The very day my vacation started, my horse died. Life just bitchslapped me right in the face.
I want to ride. So bad. The weather is perfect for it too. Maybe I'll go out tomorrow, try Elwan out and see how she moves. I haven't been on horseback for ages. Thinking about buying a new horse fills me with mixed feelings. I just don't see how I could feel close to another animal right now. I know it's just a matter of time, of course, but still.

 I had a cat, Edwin, when I was still living at home with my parents. He was just the cutest thing. He'd keep me company when I was out in the stables mucking. He'd sit on the boxstalls' edge, and when he wanted attention he'd start meowing loudly until I came up to him and nuzzled him for a bit. When it was time to go back to the house he'd more often than not demand to be carried. He would twirl around my legs until I stopped, then stand in his hind legs and sort of reach up to me. No resisting that, so of course I scooped him right up and carried him all the 20 meters back to the house!
I was so sad when he had to be put down due to liverfailure, completely heartbroken.

When I finally moved away from home though, Ralf and I were both intent on having a cat. My sister had a friend who's cat had two kittens, and promised one of them to us. We ended up with both of them though, much to Ralfs surprise when I came home with double amount of cat. Never regretted it though. I love both of them a smuch as I loved me Edwin, and one day I'll love anther horse as well as I did Ida.

Dimma & Kir

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