Saturday, August 18, 2012


The bay mare was so distraught when we put my Ida down. She cried and cried for her, and we didn't dare letting her loose in pasture, I'm confident she'd have run through fences and all looking for her dead sister. My father went through all his contacts and luckily, someone knew someone who was putting her horse down for arthritis in the hocks. The horse, a grey 17 year old named Elwan, was perfectly fine other than that, she get's stiff in the joints but can go for easy rides a few days a week. Unfortunetly her owner wanted a healthy horse with full capacity and had sadly decided to let her go. She was more than willing to lend us her mare until we found some kind of solution of our own. As it were, we all were qickly fond of Elwan, (we call her Elvis) and she has taken a strong liking to Lina. So we have decided that she's going to spend the rest of her days with us as a "Promenadhäst", a promenade horse. She'll be great to teach my husband to ride on, and she's company for any other horses we might get in the future. Looking at her makes me miss Ida, but I also feel good for Elwans sake, she would be up for termination on Monday if it weren't for my family. So while one life was lost, another was spared. It's almost poetic.

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