Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm trying not to obsess about my sweetheart mares passing. I was walking home from the laundryfacility in my neighborhood, with one of those big blue IKEA bags full of freshly tumbledried sheets on my shoulder, with the slight patter of rain on my hoodie as my only company. The sheer mundaneness of doing laundry was one of those small comforting things that also serves as a revelation in miniature. Life goes on. The world keeps turning.

To keep my mind off of things I've been burying myself in various inspirational things across the web, and I've crashed head over heels into Spell and the gypsy collective. The Dreamweaver bag became an instant must have, but a bit pricy for me right now. Adding it to my wishlist though, I do turn 30 next year, maybe it will still be around by then.

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